Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Start Paddling

When I left this morning my barn was still there but it may float away before I get home.  We got so much rain last night everything is puddles and mud.

Thankfully I did get to hack Poppy last evening.  She was fussy and difficult however it was late and dark so I can't fault her too much.  She did eventually loosen up and start paying attention.  The storms were predicted to move in about midnight so I turned the horses out so they could get a few hours of turn out at least.  Then before bed I went out and brought everyone back in.  Maybe my blog should be called "So You Want to Keep Your Horses at Home: 100 Reasons to Keep Boarding."  

I hate when the horses are in at night because this means I have to do stalls before going to work.  I could leave them but I am meticulous about their stalls.  If they are not turned out I believe stalls should be cleaned twice a day.  I know some boarding facilities clean stalls 6 days a week.  I probably couldn't sleep knowing my horse was standing in a dirty stall for 24 hours.  The little things that bug me...

I wish...


  1. hahahah that first picture!!!! I wish our stalls were cleaned twice a day eesh

  2. Whenever I read/talk to someone who keeps their horses at home... I realize that boarding is the right choice for me right now! Stay dry.

    1. What I spend per month on 5 horses (excluding shows) equates to what I paid in board for one. However the time commitment is enormous. It has truly been a learning experience. Maybe that will be a blog topic?

  3. My barn only cleans 6 days a week... so I clean my horses stall every evening. I can't stand his stall having poop in it or being messy.