Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boring Monday

Monday I had off from work but it was errand day and by the time I finished my farriers showed up so no riding last night as it was late by the time they finished.  Despite our awful wet weather everyone's feet look good.  I swear by daily cleaning, Kopertox, and no bathing unless for a show.

I planned to give Poppy off Monday and Tuesday.  Hopefully tonight I will get home in time to work with Tank and Ketel. 

We have a big weather change tonight.  A high of 69 today and low of 30.  So tonight will be important to ensure that the horses are drinking.

Here is a good article that reiterates the things I was always taught.


  1. Great article thanks!

    It has been high in the 70's and lows in the 30's here. I wish it would be cold or warm!

  2. California weather has weird lately. One day it's hot, the other it's cool, and nights are always really cold, regardless of daytime weather. Thanks for the article! I love learning new things.