Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Found Florida

We started 2014 with lots of rain.  It rained all day and night on the 1st so no riding and the horses had to stay in.  That sucks for me because it means cleaning stalls not only when I get home from work but again in the morning before I leave for work.  You want your horses at home you say?  This is one of the downsides...

More rain all day on the 2nd and into the evening which again meant no riding and also some stir crazy horses.  When I got home and took everyone out to groom and clean their stalls they all sort of forgot what manners meant.  They wanted out. 

At dinner time it was 60 degrees but the weather people were predicting the temps to drop to mid 30s at 3 am with a wind chill in the 20s.  Ok, so blanket them for 30s and have them sweat until 3am?  No of course not.  So the insane horse obsessed person I am stayed up until 11pm when they temps at least dropped to the 50s and rain had stopped, blanketed, and turned everyone out.  At least they were thrilled to get to go out.  Oh and the wind was crazy!  These weird weather drops are also a formula for colic so for dinner everyone got bran mash and then this morning electrolytes and water added to their feed.  Fingers crossed.  The awesome part about having a concrete block barn is that the temp in there this morning was 50.  And to ensure his nickname of The Blanket Destroyer lives on, Hobbs tore a strap off his blanket last night.  I have no more turn out blankets so that made me thrilled.

We will see if I ride today.  With the cold temps and insane wind I might just lunge.  I think the horses will be a bit WILD...


  1. It's like flying a kite... only the kite is your horse! Yeah keeping my horse at home isn't something I'd feel comfortable doing until I didn't have to work full time. I don't know how y'all do it.

    1. I love it, but it's a commitment. I hope to be able to hire help soon though...

  2. ^haha flying a kite!!

    Hope that the weather cooperates!! :)