Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Series Week II

The past 4 days have been a bit of a blur and I am beyond exhausted.  The craziness started Thursday when Tank twisted his hind shoe and then stepped on it so that the clip was inserted in his foot.  Thankfully I am good friends with my farrier and he lives a mile away so he was nice enough to come remove the shoe Thursday night.  We decided to leave the shoe off for a few days and wrap it in case he abscessed.

After getting little sleep Thursday night, Friday morning Poppy, Mini Nugget, and I loaded up and headed to the show.  We walked into the 1.10m Training Jumpers.  The jumps were pretty airy and spooky. Poppy was sticky and looking hard but jumped everything.

Saturday we did the 1.10m Adult Amateur Jumpers.  
3ab was a tight two stride to 4 long strides to jump 4.  I must have inadvertently goosed her over the b element because she sort of scooted and pulled a rail.  Bummer.  We ended up 7th with our 4 fault round.  She was overall fantastic and it was a smooth round so we let her be done.

Sunday was Classic Day.  
We had a great round.  Trainer N even said it was my best ride yet.  Unfortunately we had a rail at jump 10.  N thinks she was distracted as it was jumping toward the VIP tents because she just doesn't have careless rails like that.  We came in 7th and just out of the money.  

Overall I am beyond pleased with my horse.  She jumped everything and tried hard.  We smoothed out our rounds from week I.  I feel confident going into the final week where the jumps will be bigger and courses more difficult.  We don't see a need to show her Friday so we will start with our division class on Saturday then the $10k Classic Sunday!  Woohoo!!

Does your jumper tie to the trailer?  Hehehe
A friend of mine holding Mini Nugget.  How ridiculous is she?


  1. Good girl Poppy! I'm getting really excited for the final week -- I have a great feeling :-)

  2. Hopefully Tank doesn't abscess and is a-ok. Also so excited for the Classic :)

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great week 2! Come on final week, bring something awesome! :)